Friday, August 26, 2016

Invitation For Lunch

Cyndi:  A little closer, Jan.  I can't reach the treat from here.

Merci:  You couldn't reach the treat on the front porch last week either.  Are you getting shorter?

Cyndi:  Of course not.  You're joking with me, right?

Merci:  Yes, I am joking but about a bird, not a treat.  The refugee from a thunderstorm on our front porch. 

Cyndi:  It was a bad storm.  I wonder why the bird was trying to fly in the wind?

Merci:  Maybe it was blown out of a tree?

Cyndi:  We'll never know.

Merci:  But it was nice that for a short time we could shelter a scared and weary bird.

Cyndi:  You know Marcus.  He wanted to invite it for lunch.

Merci:  I've never figured out whether he means "for lunch" as a guest or "for lunch" as the lunch.

Cyndi:  We'll probably never know that either.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Imaginary Shoe Inserts

Rusty:  Jan's never going to win the Brightest Human of the Continent Award.

Micah:  Not even the Brightest Human of the County Award.

Rusty:  Do you think we could at least put her name in for the Human Running on Half a Cylinder Award?

Micah:  Not a chance!

Rusty:  *sigh*  I had such high hopes for this year.  If we aren't going to win anything, I guess we might as well tell a joke.

Micah:  Okay.  Tuesday morning Jan leaped out of bed -  No, let me begin again.  Tuesday morning Jan crawled out of bed and wandered around from chore to chore as fast as her feet and fuzzy brain could travel.

Rusty:  Before she even leashed the dogs for a walk, her feet and legs hurt.  Not unusual.  But even though she wasn't wearing inserts, one foot felt like it was on a heel insert and the other felt as if the insert had fallen out.

Micah:  "Oh, great, now these shoes are falling apart, too," she complained.  "I need to find something to change into before I leave for lunch."

Rusty:  She survived the walk but was so busy she forgot to change shoes.

Micah:  She ate lunch at the crowded church soup kitchen. (Yummy sausage dogs and banana pudding - she didn't even bring us a crumb.)  Then she went shopping at Wal-mart with two ladies.

Rusty:  When Jan got home, she rushed the dogs outside to the pee pen, then raced around the kitchen putting away a few groceries.  All she wanted to do was to collapse into a chair and take off those uncomfortable shoes that were causing so much pain!

Micah:  She stopped beside the kitchen table, took a breath, and for the first time that day, she looked down at her feet.

Rusty:  She can't believe no one noticed she was wearing two different shoes.

Micah:  I guess we should be thankful they were at least the same color!

Rusty:  Yes, they were - muddy.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hearty Duck Stew

Marcus:  Hey, everybody, welcome to Marcus's pet food review.

Buddy:  Whoa!  How did this become your review?

Marcus:  I didn't think you were interested since you and Merci didn't show up when Jan opened the package.

Merci:  Why should we?  You'd just hog all the photos, as usual.

Marcus:  Well, I was there for the photoshoot.  I think it should be my - okay, don't glare at me - our review.

Buddy:  That's better.  I think we should first mention we're trying some Whole Earth Farms grain free Hearty Duck Stew.

Merci:  Look at those big chunks of -  What?  Micah, get your nose out of that can and stop eating our breakfast!

Micah:  But it's good.  Meat chunks in gravy. Very tasty.

Marcus:  I'll stand guard as Jan spoons some hearty duck stew over our breakfast kibble and you read the ingredient list, Buddy.

Buddy:  Let's see.  Duck, chicken broth, chicken, peas, carrots, dried egg product, chicken liver, natural flavor, dried potatoes, sweet potatoes ... blueberries, flaxseed oil, olive oil, and vitamins and minerals.  Chewy lists these as the Key Benefits -

    For all stages of life.
    Real meat is the first ingredient.
    Free of grain, corn, wheat, soy and rice.
    No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.
    Free of carrageenan.
    Made in the USA.

Marcus:  Now for the taste test.  This is one of those wonderful occasions when I get to eat in my Private Dining Car.  Waiting ... waiting ....

Marcus:  And diving in. 

Buddy:  Jan, remember us?  We're taste testing, too. 

Merci:  As you can tell, the Whole Earth Farms Hearty Duck Stew has been a tasty hit with all three of us canines and at least one feline.

The dog food for this review was provided by Chewy. We received no other compensation and any opinion expressed is entirely our own.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Missing Memories

Merci:  2015 was a year of injuries, sadness and blessings for us.  In February Jan flew solo across the room and crashed, leaving her with multiple injuries, including a bad head injury and two black eyes. 

Percy:  In March Cameron died, was buried, dug up by a coyote during the night, his body retrieved and re-buried.

Merci:  Jan dug up the dog pen to plant grass that didn't grow.

Taylor:   I barely had opportunity to get to know Sam.  I arrived in mid-November.  He had a stroke in early December and died January 5, 2016. 

Percy:  It was a painful, sad year that Jan doesn't want to repeat.  She survived and we lost two of our furry brothers.  Our old posts are sometimes sprinkled with fairy dust but they are also a diary of sorts.  Memories.

Merci:  We don't know if anyone has noticed yet, but all of our 2015 photos have been missing from our blog for a month or two.  There are no photos from our 2015 album in any posts they were used in, whether in 2015 or 2016.  Ever since Google switched our blog photo albums from Picasa to Google Archives.

Percy:  Please don't tell us not to worry, they're not lost, they're somewhere.  We know they aren't lost!  We know where they are.  What we can not do is see them on the blog - because of a setting which we can not access because Picasa no longer exists and there is no way to change the setting.  All the other albums have a different setting and are fine.

Taylor:  Jan had contact with someone in a forum that was going to pass the problem up to Google.  We don't know if we reached the end of the line with this, or if our problem is stalled in line with many others.  We do know Google has no end of Bloggers needing some kind of help.

Merci:  And there may be nothing that can be done!  We can only wait.  And pray for help to resolve this.  We have so many memories in our 2015 blog posts.

Percy:  Jan thought of trying to reinsert pictures into the old posts but re-posting stories for a year would not only be a monumental task, getting the right pictures in the correct places would be nearly impossible.

Taylor:  We had no idea we would not be able to make changes to our Google Photos settings, or that the Archives would be managed by GP settings, so we have been very discouraged about this whole situation.  We seriously considered closing the blog when we first saw all those blank photo holders.

Merci:  Here is one of our 2015 posts (Surprising Update on Cameron).  Notice the missing photos.  

Percy:  There are crucial, life-changing events happening in the world - for example, the catastrophic flooding and rescue efforts in Louisiana - so we feel a bit selfish desiring a solution to what is, in comparison, a minor problem.

Taylor:  Still, we pray for a positive outcome.  And for the people of Louisiana.