Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dirt Cloud Rising

Cyndi:  Why do you guys have to be such dirt collectors?  You bring that dirt in the house, you know, and we all have to deal with it.  *licks paw*  We girls don't like to be dirty.

Rusty:  Grass won't grow in the dog pen any more, so bringing dirt in the house isn't our fault.

Marcus:  Just because Jan claims every time I shake, I add another 2 inches of dirt to the layer in the house doesn't make it so.  She probably should wash her reading glasses more often so she can tell the difference between steam from the humidity and dirt from the yard.

Cyndi:  I don't wear glasses and I can see the dirt cloud rising when you two shake off in the house.

Rusty:  Well, since I'm sharing the blame, I might as well share the fun.  Come on, Marcus, let's roll!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Safe At Last

Buddy:  These two adorable Pomeranians are finally safe at the county animal shelter!  It has been a harrowing two weeks as Jan has waited patiently for due process of law to permit our Animal Control Officer to trap them before they were injured or killed.

Cyndi:  They are bonded, so it was exciting that they were trapped within about 1/2 hour of each other and they were able to go to the shelter together.  If they are not claimed within three days, they will go up for adoption or Miss Peggy will find a rescue to take such a handsome pair.  Hopefully, they will be adopted together. 

Buddy:  It's a complicated abandonment story and probably not one we should tell.  Suffice it to say that Jan slept well last night, knowing they are okay.  Thank you, Miss Kat (ACO) for being so kind and patient with them.  They were having too much fun - and "catered" meals - and did not want to give up their freedom!

Micah:  I guess I get to introduce our Mousebreath interview of this week.  As you can probably guess, his name is Biscuit.  Stop by Mousebreath for The Story of Biscuit.  I think you will enjoy it. 

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

On The Bright Side

Taylor:  Are you okay, Merci?

Merci:  Yes.  This is Thankful Thursday and we haven't posted much these last few weeks, so I'm thinking about something I'm particularly thankful for from last week.

Taylor:  And what would that be?

Merci:  That Jan is still in one piece and can still fix our meals and take us for walks and -

Taylor:  Of course she's in one piece and she always does those things. 

Merci:  But what if she got bashed in the head by a falling tree limb and her brains were scrambled?

Taylor:  I don't think we need to worry about that.  I haven't left the house since I arrived over a year ago and I haven't seen a single falling tree limb in here yet.

Merci:  Not in the house, silly!  In the yard,  Don't you remember last week when Jan was working on some of the bushes in the yard and she came inside to get a drink of water ...

... and returned to find this.  See how long that branch is!  And it came from up high in the tree.  Way high.

Taylor:  Oh, yeah, I remember.  Jan went to the neighbor for help moving their tree branch off our lawn.

Merci:  What if Jan had been standing there when it came down?

Taylor:  She would be shorter?

Merci:  Well, that too, but I was thinking about how forgetful she is already.  What if she couldn't remember to feed us?

Taylor:  On the bright side, what if she forgets she has already fed us and feeds us again?

Merci:  I'm glad we had this little talk, Taylor.  I feel so much better now!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Quite An Impression

Percy:  What are you doing in your Private Dining Car, Marcus?  As soon as Jan served your breakfast, you picked up your bowl and left the kitchen. 

Marcus:  I heard Jan made quite an impression Sunday and I'm not sure she can be trusted around food now.

Percy:  Oh, it's about time Jan made a good impression on someone.

Marcus:  I said she made quite an impression.  The word good was not mentioned.

Percy:  Uh-oh, what did she do this time?

Marcus:  After church on Sunday, she went to lunch with Mr. M (Mr. Minister), Mrs. M, their three young children and Mr. MD.

Percy:  They took along a doctor?  Where did they eat?

Marcus:  No, not a doctor.  Mr. MD is Mr. Minister's Dad.

Percy:  Oh.  So how did Jan make an impression?

Marcus:  She ate Mr. M's lunch!

Percy:  She what?

Marcus:  She was halfway through Mr. M's lunch before the waitress stopped by to find out who hadn't gotten their food - their chicken chimichanga.

Percy: That's Jan's favorite Mexican meal.  A chicken chimichanga with salad, rice and beans.  With lots of (mild) hot sauce poured over it.  She must have enjoyed that.

Marcus:  Actually, she was disappointed.  No beans, but lots of rice.  And the taste just wasn't up to the usual standard.  She was thinking she wouldn't order one of those again.

Percy:  But if she wasn't eating a chicken chimichanga, what was she eating?

Marcus:  A shrimp chimichanga. 

Percy:  Oh.  So Mr. M got her chicken meal?

Marcus:  No.  The waitress took the half eaten shrimp plate and swapped it for the chicken one.  Jan enjoyed every bite of that meal.  

Percy:  Did Mr. M ever get anything to eat?

Marcus:  Yes, he did get a fresh shrimp chimichanga plate.

Percy:  So everything ended well.  That doesn't explain why you brought your bowl in the living room to eat in your PDC.

Marcus:  You don't really think I'd trust Jan around my food after hearing that story, do you?

Percy:  A good point.  I think I'll go guard ... er, nap by the kitty kibble.